The tasks, details and efforts behind a team that works are many. We take a step forward to reach that point where we plan even what is improvised. Behind all of this there is a methodology, a set of tools and checks, and hours of dedication oriented to a constant improvement towards the best result. Because the key is not so much having the people to do the job, but being able to lead them so that they do it because they want to, because they share a common goal and because they are ready to make a positive impact on your attendees’ experience.

1. Selection Process

Placing each person in the right position is a matter of experience, of having a nose for recruiting, of knowing how our field works and which tasks have to be carried out. It looks easy, but it is the result of years of learning. Our colleague Clara will tell you how she sees it.

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2. Planning

We do not do what we do and anticipate ourselves to unforeseen circumstances by chance. We have planned what will happen but also what might happen. Do you think this is easy? Never take what you know for granted – an event is live, and anything can happen. Go well prepared, plan even what is improvised. Our colleague Eloisa will tell you our secret.

2. Planificación

Hacer lo que debes y llegar a los imprevistos en un evento/congreso no es casualidad, has de tener planificado al máximo lo que ocurrirá y lo que puede llegar a ocurrir. ¿Crees que es tarea fácil? Nunca pienses que lo sabes todo, un evento es un directo, y todo es posible. Ve bien preparado, planifica hasta la improvisación. Nuestra compañera Eloisa te cuenta nuestro secreto.

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3. Onsite supervision

After so many years of experience, we now that the job of the supervisor is much more than getting things to work: is achieving excellence at it. 

If you think a supervisor only records check-in and check-out times and plans lunch breaks… you have to watch this video.

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4. Training

The agency is accountable for how well the staff know their tasks and the best technique to put it into practice. Training is our very essence: we always include new profiles in our teams, and we work hard to provide them with quality training so that tomorrow they will be the experts. Cristina will tell how we do this.

4. Formación

Que el staff de un evento sepa cuál es su función y la mejor técnica de ejecución es cosa de la agencia. La formación es nuestra esencia, nos esforzamos porque haya siempre en cada evento personal nuevo al que enseñar y capacitar, para que un día sean ellos los expertos. Cristina te cuenta cómo lo hacemos.

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5. Easy closure

How many times were you unable to bring closure to your event / congress because you were missing bills from your suppliers or partners? We have enhanced our process, striving to be more efficient. Four years of hard word and ongoing improvements are helpful to make this possible. Isabel, our CEO, will tell you all about it.

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