We give it all so that things turn out more than O.K

If something defines us better than anything, it is that we are a team. Your team. This is indeed the last name we have given our brand. It is the most important reason for you to trust us. We have the experience, the criteria and the leadership skills necessary so that the staff does what they need to do because they want to, because they know and because they want your event to turn out more than just O.K.

Attitude, it is always a matter of attitude…

This is the way we see things. Our culture. The way we behave. The essence of our value. And our Bible. This is what really makes us different.

Better to be ahead than behind

We can definitely improvise but we prefer to anticipate ourselves. We do not settle with doing what you tell us to. We prefer working with you, hand in hand. Seeing beyond, double checking the staff plans. Visualizing your event. Making suggestions for improvement and possible changes. Being the first to arrive, checking the venue and all details. Preparing a pre-briefing of our own, having back-up staff, bringing covers to the onsite and even hairspray, spare tights and earrings. Coming like this, it is hard for things to go wrong.

There is always place for improvement

We spend around 400 hours every year to changing things that actually work. We are always non-conforming, demanding, and we want to do it better, faster. We want to have our own backs, increasing our quality, always comply with current legislation, being more productive, removing the mistakes from which we have learned. Every month we are a better version of ourselves.

Only clients that appreciate our value

All this effort is worthless, as opaque as it often is, if the people who hire us think that all they are doing is simply paying for hours of staff. Any agency can do this, probably even at a cheaper price than us… The conclusion we have come up to is that our clients and our own agency do better if we focus only on those clients that are really paying for that effort. Our strategy is to reallocate all our our energy towards them.