Gartner IT Symposium

This was one of the first times that we provided our new set-up and dismantling team in Barcelona, which meant a lot of pressure on ourselves.


Even more: it was also the first time that a new client, one of the biggest European furniture suppliers, was hiring us to manage the furniture of almost an entire event.

CCIB – Barcelona

November 2019

5 pick-up helpers

Complications of the event

The challenge was being part of the set-up first and then the dismantling of all the furniture items provided by our client in a quick, efficient and organized manner. This was done in order to meet the tight deadlines set by the venue while carrying out a thorough allocation of all materials.


These furniture items were scattered throughout the CCIB, and sometimes it was not where it was supposed to be and was initially placed. It was therefore of utmost importance to locate all materials, take them to the storage area, and finally palletizing them correctly without causing any damages in order to load them into a truck. We checked everything with enough time to be able to look and find any missing items… but the deadlines were indeed tight, so we basically had to work against the clock.

Our solution

In order to meet a tight deadline and provide a quality outcome, it is necessary to be extremely well organized and that everybody has a clear picture of what they have to do. It is also crucial a positive attitude and disposition to work of our staff, and that they understand that we are all part of a team with a common goal. Ongoing communication with our client is also key to a quick and diligent process.

Cómo lo resolvimos

Para poder trabajar con el tiempo limitado y que el resultado sea de calidad, es necesario estar muy bien organizado y que todo el mundo tenga muy claro qué debe hacer. También es primordial la actitud y predisposición de los trabajadores que llevamos al evento y que éstos tengan la concepción de que todos somos un equipo con el mismo propósito. La comunicación constante con el cliente también es clave para que todo se realice rápida y organizadamente.

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