South Summit 2019

Every year in Madrid, South Summit enables a connection between the most disruptive startups with world-wide investors and corporations that want to improve their competitiveness by innovating. More than 6700 CEOs and Executives participated in this last edition.

LA NAVE – Madrid

October 2019

70 volunteers y 50 hostesses

Complications of the event

It was our second edition, and out mission this year was to supervise and coordinate a group of approximately 50 volunteers, besides our own team of around 70 people. The previous year we did not have this responsibility, and we offered our client to cover the coordination of the volunteers as well with views of improving the overall result of the event this year.


We believe that in order for a group of volunteers to be effective, it must be well supervised and they must be a part of our team. They must know what is expected of them, what is their true mission, and the same time that they live an unforgettable experience. They must be aware of their positions and tasks, their schedules, their break times, who is responsible for them and who to inform about any arising issues… in the end, they must feel that they are part of the team.

Our solution

We had three supervisors that manage to unite all parts into one team – each supervising a different group of people and area of the event, so that every person knew who to address their questions and issues to depending on their position.


We obviously knew which things to improve give the experience of the previous year. With the help of holding several briefings with our client before the event, we managed to anticipate possible problems before they actually could or did happen.


Cómo lo resolvimos

Tuvimos a tres coordinadoras que consiguieron que todo el equipo fuera uno, llevando cada una de ellas a un grupo dentro del evento y diferenciado desde el principio para que supieran a quién debían dirigirse si algo fallaba.

Evidentemente ya sabíamos qué cosas debían mejorar, y con la ayuda de varios briefings previos al evento con nuestro cliente conseguimos anticiparnos a posibles problemas que podrían haber surgido.

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