UEFA Champions League Final 2019
- ADIDAS Superstores -

The most prestigious European soccer tournament finally arrived at Madrid, and MERIDIANA arrived as well! One of our clients was in charge of selling the official merchandise, so for a week our staff became cashiers, salespeople, stock allocation helping hands… in a 500 sq meter store located in Plaza de Callao, at the heart Madrid, in one of the most crowded places in our city.

Plaza de Callao – Madrid

Junio 2019

30 azafatxs

Complications of the event

Our job was not only to recognize and memorize the wide variety products in the store, but also to manage other factors such as high temperatures, long hours, moving big sums of money every day… but there is nothing that a great team cannot beat united! 

Our solution

As dictated by our name “MERIDIANA TEAM”, we are part of and make up the perfect team to face all obstacles… In this case, this meant bringing together a team of 30 bilingual-English-speaking people (our client was German and most visitors were foreigners), to take care of around 3000 buyers per day who went into the store looking for their favorite items – as well as allocation and re-organizing the stock available throughout the day, non-stop.


Cómo lo resolvimos

Tal como nuestro nombre lo indica “MERIDIANA TEAM”, formamos el team perfecto para superar cualquier obstáculo, en este caso, fueron 30 chic@s bilingües (ya que nuestro cliente era Alemán y mucho de nuestro público era extranjero) que se dieron la tarea de día tras día atender a las más de 3000 personas que diariamente se acercaban a la tienda en búsqueda de sus ítems favoritos y además, reponer toda la mercancía para que siempre todo estuviese en perfecto orden.

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